Monday, December 6, 2010

Scariest thing ever

There have been some pretty amazing things happen in the last year, so I thought I'd post some of them. We went to Lagoon, just before Halloween, with the Bradleys. It was such a fun day! I took lots of pics, but this particular post is about the scariest thing that happened that day....
drumroll please.....
I didn't think they'd do it. Even as I was handing over the money to the attendant,
I had my doubts.....
Even when they suited up and waited in line,
I had my doubts....

Even when their feet left the ground,
I had my doubts...

Even when they were higher than the Empire State Building (at least that's how a mother feels when her kids are going to free fall from the borders of outerspace)
I still had my doubts...

I wanted to believe they would chicken out
even after the attendant started the count down,
THREE..... TWO..... ONE!!!!!
They took my breath away and MY feet were still on the ground.
I survived. Barely.
Courtesy of: Zac, Devin, and Logan Bradley


  1. I did that. I won't do it again.
    Oh and by your title I thought for sure you were "late" and that your hubby was out buying a even bigger car. Oh wait, that was my nightmare.

  2. I did that too. Both things, the free fall was a couple years ago with Derek and Candee. Super fun:) The other, when I was prego with Valyssa, super scary:)

  3. Can you imagine your Mom doing that. I remember thinking I was brave to ride on Colosis, but each year Lagoon comes up just a little scarier than the year before. Maybe when I was in my prime I would of tried these things, but I am a big chicken anymore. These kids are either very couragous or else they have lost their marbles or else it is a toss up. The next scariest thing would be to go sky diving. These are my kids and grandkids and I love them. If they will now take all that courage and funnel it into becoming missionaries without fear I will be oh so happy. Love Papa Beagley

  4. I love how you posted that. Your wording made it sound as if I was there being scared with you. Awesome!